Life After Sunday’s parish website is easily personalized to any parish community. The homepage features the parish’s most recognizable “face of Christ”. The rest of the pages are illuminated not only by the beauty of other parish artwork, but also the living Face of Jesus in the faces of the parishioners who make up his Body there. In this way, the parish web site becomes a reflection of the incarnation: the presence of Christ alive in your parishioners distinctive to your Catholic parish.

The site is organized by the five areas of parish vitality:
WORSHIP | The Intimate Encounter with Christ
EDUCATION | Formed in his Communion
COMMUNITY | Living his Communion Together
SERVICE | Taking Care of his Suffering Body
ADMINISTRATION | Stewards of his Love


Parish Boundary Map

The Parish Boundary Map shows the place where your parishioners are called to be the real presence of Christ in your neighborhood. Utilizing Google Maps, your church is squarely centered as a key member in vibrant community which it serves. Your church appears as a white icon on a red background. Other houses of worship within the map area are represented ecumenically by a white icon on a green background. In addition to churches, volunteer opportunities in the area can also be identified, automatically shown as white icons on blue backgrounds. The visitor to your website can further customize the Google map by zooming in or out, by recentering it, and by selecting other neighborhood categories for display on the map.

Parish Marketplace

The Parish Marketplace provides an opportunity for parishioners to buy, sell, give away, or barter for goods and services with one another; jobs may also be listed here. In order to post an item on the Parish Marketplace, website visitors must provide their parish donation envelope number as a way of verifying their identity as a parishioner. In addition, all items are reviewed by the website administrator before being listed. Website administrators determine how long each listing will be included on the website.

Parish Calendar

The Parish Calendar is a very powerful tool which allows you to enter recurring and one-time parish events, link to descriptions and documents associated with those events throughout your site, and print out paper calendars for inclusion in the paper bulletin. If events are cancelled or change at the last minute, you can quickly adjust the Parish Calendar to reflect the new information. Additionally, imminent events on the Parish Calendar automatically update and rotate in the right-hand NEWS & EVENTS scroll bar on each page to ensure that website visitors see them without necessarily having to click on the calendar. The site can also accommodate Calendar Wiz and Google Calendar embeds for parishes that already use those online tools.

Spiritual Reading Suggestions

The Spiritual Reading Suggestions page provides a central location in which parish administrators can list books which may be of interest to parishioners seeking to explore the great adventure of human life through the written word. Listings can also be affiliate links so that, if website visitors click through and purchase the book, a small remittance to the parish can be made.

Photo Galleries

The Parish Photo Galleries showcase all the wonderful ways in which your parish community comes together to worship God, serve the community, and enjoy fellowship. Photographs are posted in albums (for example, Parish Bazaar, service event, and sacramental celebrations such as First Holy Communion) and can be linked to from a parish Facebook or Twitter page.

Readings of the Day

The Readings of the Day offer website visitors the opportunity to engage with the Word of God proclaimed at each day’s mass. Clicking on this link takes website visitors away from your parish website to the USCCB’s daily readings page. Once there, they can navigate backward and forward through daily readings as they desire. Readings are also available as audio files and visitors can also access video reflections on the daily readings. Finally, they can access a guide to understanding the Bible and answers to questions on how we use the Bible during the Liturgy.

The Intimate Path

The Intimate Path catechesis is Lumen Catechetical Consultants’ own project to help parishioners recognize the face of Christ. It is a kind of online spiritual direction, drawing visitors toward intimacy with Jesus, created to help men and women link their personal experiences of love and friendship with the Lord’s living presence every day. It is meant to support parish life so that priests and their parishioners can allow the Lord to form their hearts and become “great lovers,” everyday missionaries of charity out in the world.

Links to the Holy See, Diocese, Catechism and Bible

Visitors can directly access the Holy See’s website, the website of their diocese or archdiocese, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the USCCB’s Bible page. This demonstrates in a very concrete way that your parish is part of the Universal Church and situated firmly in the heart of both Scripture and Tradition.

Plus much more…

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Every Christian is challenged, here and now, to be actively engaged in evangelization; indeed, anyone who has truly experienced God’s saving love does not need much time or lengthy training to go out and proclaim that love.”
– Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 120