Q. I have a parish volunteer who created our current website, and also administers it for us. We are all ready to take the next step with a more sophisticated site and like the flexibility of the custom template and best practices technology. But that will be a sea change for us. Can several people be trained as parish webmasters?

A. Our Content Management system was created with just this scenario in mind. Most parishes have simple sites set up by a parishioner with a fairly comprehensive knowledge of technology and code. Our sites utilize current industry best practices on a Drupal open source platform, and were created for easy editing by folks who don’t have a professional tech background. We suggest that each parish have several webmasters, to ensure that someone is always available to help with updates. We look forward to training your team through personal assistance and the web tutorials on this site.

Q. Our parish doesn't have a webmaster, and I can't think of anyone who can help with that. Now what?

A. We work with other parishes in the same situation, and can serve as parish webmaster as part of our affordable annual contract.

Q. How does this website propose the New Evangelization?

A. With Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and now Francis, we believe the New Evangelization is the proclamation of what we have first lived in intimacy with Jesus Christ in his local Church, his parish, his Bride. The website template is created to help parishioners appreciate their personal and communal love for Christ, their baptismal call to respond as his Beloved and the fruitfulness that springs from this relationship within their home, parish and community life. From this lived experience, they can go forth in love and mission to a weary neighborhood and world.

Q. How can we make our site look unique within your flexible template?

A. We help you use images of the artwork, architectural features and faces of your own parishioners to showcase the absolutely unique and beautiful Face of Jesus within your parish.

Q. How do you recommend using the social media features in light of the more substantive vision you seem to propose?

A. Some pastors use Facebook and Twitter to point their parishioners toward educational or inspirational material on the web. Our websites feature the social media icons on every page since most parishioners are living now in that new public square. In our experience, the social media features can be most useful as virtual bulletin boards that point parishioners back to a real person, event or place where they can find an experience of communion with Christ “in the flesh”.

Q. How can the site be adapted if I have more ministries than others in the five indicators of parish vitality?

A. The site template will be set up specifically for your parish so that certain ministries can be highlighted and others unpublished for now.

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You have said,
‘Seek my face.’
My heart says to you,
‘Your face, Lord,
do I seek.’
Hide not your face
from me.”
– Psalm 27: 8-9