<p class="intro"><span>We know there are competitive options for parish website templates.</span> What makes us different? Following Pope Francis, we offer substantive content with a fresh approach.</p><div class="out_dented"><h2>BENEFITS</h2></div><div class="row1"><h3>Christo-centric</h3><p>Homepage features the unique face of Christ in your parish &ndash; how is the Holy Spirit revealing His face to your neighborhood through the love of your parishioners today?</p></div><div class="row1"><h3>Evangelical</h3><p>Reveals each new event through the prism of the evangelical mission of the entire parish. Highlights the relation between the five points of parish vitality: Worship, Education, Community, Service &amp; Administration/Stewardship.</p></div><div class="row1"><h3>Unique</h3><p>Customized specifically to your parish&#39;s gifts, charisms, interests, assets and needs.</p></div><div class="row1"><h3>Engaging</h3><p>Appeals to the emotions, the senses, and the intellect of your website visitors: continually drawing them toward the tangible presence of Christ at the center of your parish.</p></div><div class="row1"><h3>New</h3><p>An integrated &ldquo;new media&rdquo; <em>New Evangelization Tool</em> for catechesis, community building, and exceptional communication within and from the parish. Provides a critical enrichment of the weekly bulletin and a stimulating base of promotional work for creating a New Evangelization committee in your parish.</p></div><div class="row1"><h3>Intuitive</h3><p>With easy to learn online tutorials to easily help parish ministers master updates with no previous computer skills required.</p></div><div class="row1"><h3>Professional</h3><p>Experienced award-winning team provides creative and technical support and guidance.</p></div><div class="row1"><h3>Affordable</h3><p>Costs less annually than Sunday doughnuts.</p></div><div id="get_started">Your Personalized Parish Website is Simply at Your Fingertips <a class="button1" href="/get-started">GET STARTED &gt;</a></div><p>&nbsp;</p>

Faith does not merely gaze at Jesus, but sees things as Jesus himself sees them, with his own eyes: it is a participation in his way of seeing.”
– Pope Francis, Lumen Fidei, 18